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     A Skill Stop Slot Machine (Pachislo Machine) is similar to a Vegas slot machine with a few differences.  One thing you may notice is that a Skill Stop Machine is slightly smaller than it’s Vegas brother. 

     Skill stop machines do not normally have a handle mounted on the side to start the reels.  After the player inserts tokens into the machine, the reels are started by a lever on the front of the machine (many of the newer Las Vegas machines use a button to start the reels insted of a side arm). 

      On a Las Vegas slot machine the reels will stop randomly on their own.  On a skill stop machine the player stops each reel by pressing a button located under it.  This adds a level of skill to the game since the player controls where the reel stops.  Since these machines are a game of skill and not a game of chance the are legal in Hawaii.   However, this does not mean that the machines are easy to beat.

     Winning the machine is done by stopping the reels on a winning combination of numbers or symbols.  Just like the Vegas machines most of these machines use sevens (7) to win the big jackpots.  Matching other symbols will pay smaller payouts.

     Unlike the Vegas slots which payout all of the winnings at one time, a skill stop machine will payout a big jackpot over the next several spins.  For example, if you hit three 7’s on the skill stop machine you will enter a game called the “Big Chance”  or “Big Bonus”.  This means that you will get two or three games of eight spins where you are guaranteed to win (normally 15 tokens per spin).  In between each of those games you will get a random number of spins where your odds of winning something are increased.  You are guaranteed to win at least 240 or 360 tokens in addition to any additional tokens won between the games.  There are also “Regular Bonus” games that guarantee at least 120 tokens.  The “Regular Bonus” game is normally won by hitting 3 bar symbols.


     Some machines, such as the one pictured to the left, are equipped with counters that show you how many tokens you have won.

     The biggest difference between the Skill Stop slot machines and Las Vegas style machines is that the skill stop machines are legal in most states including Hawaii.  If they are converted to take quarters or they are used to actually gamble then they are illegal and subject to be confiscated by law enforcement.

     TT&C Slots absolutely does not allow our machines to be used for gambling.  Machine play is with tokens which we provide.  Party host may not charge for tokens.  Prizes may be awarded for winning special tokens or the most tokens as long as the tokens to play the machine we given to the player at no cost.

     We hope this has helped to clear up some of the major differences between out machines on those found in Las Vegas.  Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

     We hope we can be of service to you in the future!


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